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Some work I’ve done for the web.

  1. Chuck…just wanted to write quickly to tell you how impressed I am with your website! Bravo to you…and heaven knows we need all your techniques! —Chuck's clientJune 16, 2010Portfolio, Web DesignComments Off on
  2. Michael is not just a visual artist, but an artist in every sense of the word. He is an actor, photographer, entertainer, painter, graphic designer, singer, comedian, poet, and skilled debater (sometimes irritatingly so!)…June 11, 2010Portfolio, Web DesignComments Off on
  3. A sketch

    Well, I’ve finally made a little bit of progress. At this point the site now looks like a basic sketch of what it will look like when I’m finished.

    There are still plenty of design decisions to be made, and I think actually that thinking about it in the light of day, the coding of the home page is kind of wonky, nonetheless, I’m getting there.… Read the rest

    June 10, 2010Web DesignComments Off on A sketch
  4. No progress whatsoever

    Well, is it a good thing that I’ve been busy? Of course it is. But it has meant that I have had absolutely no time to devote to this project, which is frustrating. For some reason, being a designer seems to mean that everyone else’s design gets done before my own.… Read the rest

    September 12, 2009Web DesignComments Off on No progress whatsoever
  5. A little typography

    09-0407_1717I decided step one should be to at least give the site a small amount of structure and typographic niceness. It’s probably all going to change, but at least it’s readable now.… Read the rest

    April 7, 2009Web DesignComments Off on A little typography
  6. Even less design, but more structure

    What kind of designer tries to remove *all* the design from his website?

    The kind who’s also a developer. My goal here is to get as close to zero as I can with the design of the site, and then begin building it in the way that I want from the ground up.… Read the rest

    April 7, 2009Web DesignComments Off on Even less design, but more structure
  7. The big experiment

    “Why does your site look like this?!”

    …I hear you yell. Well, here’s the deal. The old site at “”: was getting old. Really old. And outdated.

    And boring.

    But, I never get a chance to create a new site, because I’m always working on client projects.… Read the rest

    March 25, 2009Web DesignComments Off on The big experiment

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