Even less design, but more structure

What kind of designer tries to remove *all* the design from his website?

The kind who’s also a developer. My goal here is to get as close to zero as I can with the design of the site, and then begin building it in the way that I want from the ground up.

But, I realized after the initial post here that I was actually still making some assumptions about the basic design, and I want to get rid of even those. However, in the meantime, I also found out about the Carrington CMS theme framework, and more than any other framework I’ve seen so far, this one seemed a very logical extension of WordPress’s existing theming structure. Plus, they have developed a version for developers which removes all the markup, leaving me with a wonderful structure, but no design.


So, after also applying a complete CSS reset, this site now looks as plain as it can possibly look. A complete blank slate, but thanks to Carrington, a blank slate with infinite potential.

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