The big experiment

“Why does your site look like this?!”

…I hear you yell. Well, here’s the deal. The old site at “”: was getting old. Really old. And outdated.

And boring.

But, I never get a chance to create a new site, because I’m always working on client projects. So, I decided to give myself a hard, panic-driven deadline of *right now*, which is probably the only way that a new site is going to get made.

I’ve got some great ideas, and the end result should be a site which is much more useful and easier for me to update. I’d like for you all to be able to see my latest web design work, of which I’m really proud, and my latest photography projects, which are also pretty fun.

And I’m going to do the whole thing from scratch. Like baking a pie starting from soil. OK, not exactly from soil, but at least from flour–none of these pre-baked crusts for me. If this metaphor seems a little abstruse to you, here’s what I mean: I’m going to create my new site as a custom WordPress template. This is the way I do many of my clients’ sites, and it’s a great way to make a website which can be kept relevant. A lot of time creating WordPress themes involves starting from a theme some other developer has created and sculpting it into a different shape by modifying its images, stylesheets, php functions and template files.

But I’m tired of working with other folks’ themes. I want to create my own base theme, and I have the know-how to do it now.

So, this is how it begins–the most basic of all structures, an undecorated HTML file with just the basics. And it will get more interesting as I go along. If you’re reading this post when the site looks fantastic, this screenshot will show you want it looked like when I started.

I’ll blog about the whole thing, and I’ll put up screenshots of the various stages along the way. There may be times when the site looks completely ridiculous. So be it.

Maybe this will be fun for both of us.

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